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Vibratory Compactors

Early vibratory compaction was accomplished using the rollers that were drawn by horses and by mid-19th century, the horse drawn rollers were displaced by the self propelled steamrollers from which modern compactors are derived.

Vibratory compactors are frequently used machines to compact materials such as soil in order to increase its density for construction and are utilized for in landfill tasks. Some common varieties are plate tamper which is also known as rammers, compactors, vibratory plates and vibratory pad foot compactors.

A vibratory compactor is a mechanism or machine that is used to reduce the size of waste material or soil through compaction. For instance, a trash compactor is often used by businesses and homes to reduce the volume of trash. Vibratory compactors are normally powered by hydraulics and have many different sizes and shapes. For example in landfill sites, a larger bulldozer with spiked wheels care called a landfill compactor and is used to drive over waste deposited by the waste collection vehicles.


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