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All Terrain Truck Crane

All terrain crane is considered the luxury version of a mobile hydraulic crane, being likened to driving a Hummer or Range Rover on pavement. All terrain cranes can be considered a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane. Another big selling point of this crane is its multi-functional capability to travel on all kinds of off-road terrain and as well as down highways at top speeds.

The cranes to be designed had to feature capabilities not exhibited in any other crane on the market at the time. They had to be adaptable for both smooth driving on roads and accelerated speeds despite their heavy frame as well as possess excellent off-road abilities all while maintaining a comfortable suspension system that would still enable the crane upper to be raised. Hans Liebherr sketched the crane out on paper; the resulting design resembled what would become the company’s first flagship all terrain crane, the LTM 1055 S 4. The four-axle model crane would serve as the “father” of all terrain crane technology. The crane could travel at speeds reaching 40 miles (65 km) per hour and each of the crane’s four single tired axles could be both driven and steered. The crane could also operate in temperatures as low as –50 degrees centigrade, a feature necessary for working in the harsh cold climate of Siberia.


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